Reconciliation Action Plan

Carers Queensland’s mission is to improve the lives of all carers throughout Queensland.

We are continually looking at ways to become more culturally responsive, building strong  relationships, enhancing respect and supporting greater equality for all Australians.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are more likely to be carers than people of the broader Australian community with 45,328 identifying as carers in 2011, an increase of 12,747 from 2006. However, the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander carers that are supported by Carers Queensland is very small.

In order to appropriately support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander carers, we commenced the Reconciliation Action Plan  process in late 2012. The launch of our Reconciliation Action Plan in May 2014 marked an important milestone in our journey to reconciliation.

Outlined in our Reconciliation Action Plan is our vision for reconciliation. How we will achieve this focuses on three key areas –  relationships, respect and opportunities. The key actions and timelines for each are outlined in the Reconciliation Action Plan 2016 – 2019.

Reconciliation Action Plan 2016-2019


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Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Carers – Factsheet (982 KB)

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