The CARE Program FAQs

Answers to some commonly asked questions:

What is The CARE Program? It is a member driven rewards program which allows members of Carers Queensland to access great discounts on things such as electricity, insurance, food hamper delivery, entertainment and more. For more information on how it works, watch our video.

Do all discounts need to be accessed through the internet?
Not all deals need to be accessed through the internet. Follow the steps provided for each discount or view/print CARE Program consumer deals for all discounts available that don’t require internet access.

Can I get discounts with other suppliers that aren’t in the program? The suppliers listed here are supporters of this The CARE Program. Discounts are only available through these suppliers.

How can I access the discounts? Become a member of Carers Queensland and you can instantly access The CARE Program! Discount arrangements depends on the individual supplier. Each supplier provides further information on how to access the deals on their page.

How can I join and start accessing the discounts? There are a number of simple ways to join:
— complete the online application form
— visit your local Carers Queensland office
— phone toll free on 1800 242 636

Is there a cost to become a member? Only $10 per year.

What is different between The Care Program and other rewards programs? In Queensland, there are nearly 500,000 carers and The CARE Program is designed to support us, care for the carers. As a result of buying services and products that you would in your normal day, you are in turn helping your carer community.

What benefit does Carers Queensland get from The CARE Program? We receive a referrer fee every time a financial purchase is made.

What does Carers Queensland do with this money? Carers Queensland represents the diverse needs and interests of carers and as a result the money is used to further the mission statement – to improve the quality of life for all carers throughout Queensland.

Are my personal details safe? Carers Queensland adheres to all privacy laws and the National Privacy Principles. Your information will never be sold to a third party.

Are my credit details safe? Carers Queensland uses BPoint with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and PayPal in processing any credit information.

How do I renew my membership? Members receive a renewal letter each year with instructions on how to renew.

Do I have to be a carer to join? No. Carers Queensland membership is open to all. If you are under 18 years old it is free.

Can I tell my friends about this? Please, tell the World. The more people we have joining and getting discounts, the more we can help the carers in our community. Spread the word!