Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Carers Queensland. Our dedicated volunteers play an important role in helping us improve the lives of carers. We appreciate the time and effort they put in.

The number of ways you can help is unlimited. We always appreciate help with the day to day running of our offices, and there are various ways to get involved in Carers Week events and fund raising activities in any of our 13 offices across the Queensland.

There are many benefits to volunteering with us:

•It expands your skill set. Try volunteering in an area outside of your expertise to help broaden your skills and give you new confidence
•It makes you more employable. Most employers look favourably upon job candidates who have a history of volunteering
•You get to meet new people and develop new relationships
•If you’re recently retired or no longer working, it’s a great way to fill in a couple of hours a week
•You get a well deserved sense of satisfaction that you are doing something meaningful. You may be giving your time, but you’ll be getting so much more back

All of our Regions welcome volunteers so it doesn’t matter where you are in Queensland please join us in assisting the carers.

Volunteer Pack – Short Term (This is to assist us with specific projects or events as they come up from time to time)

Volunteer Pack (Information and Application Kit)

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