Workplace Giving FAQs

Answers to some commonly asked questions:

Is my donation tax deductible? All donations over $2 per annum are tax deductible.

What is the difference between “pre-tax” and “post-tax” deductions? A donation made “pre-tax” is deducted from your gross pay each pay period and your tax will be automatically adjusted in accordance with the ATO PAYG Withholding Tax Tables. You will receive the tax deduction immediately. A “post-tax” donation is deducted from your net pay. You can then claim your tax deduction at the end of financial year when completing your annual tax return.

If I choose to make a “pre-tax” donation and receive the tax deduction immediately, why do I still need to claim this in my next tax return?  Everyone who donates through a workplace giving must claim the total amount of donations in their tax return. You must do this regardless of whether your donations are “pre-tax”. Your employer will let you know how much you have donated over the year in some written form or it will be printed on your Payment Summary (Group Certificate).  Should you require further assistance, please seek out independent personal taxation advice, or visit the Australian Taxation Office

How much am I expected to donate? The amount is up to you. It can be as little as $5 per pay period or as much as $35 per pay period.

How can I start?  By completing the Workplace Giving – Expression of Interest form.

What if I have more questions? Please contact Ian Waller, Manager – Marketing, Promotions & Fundraising at