FIRST Magazine

First is Carers Queensland’s quarterly magazine, with pages full of news, features and stories.


  • FIRST_Summer2017 – Celebrating Carers Week, CFBA winners, Quality of Life Audit, Habits for Healthy Bladders
  • FIRST_Spring 2017 – Carers Week events, Young Carer’s Unique Vision; Queensland’s Oldest Carer; Life After Caring
  • FIRST_Winter 2017Carer-Friendly Business Awards; Understanding Anxiety; Looking to a future of caring; Helping Hands
  • FIRST_Autumn2017Building Resilience; Dementia Special; Carer Support Groups


  • First_Summer 2016 – Carer Mental Health; The Psychology of Happiness; Young Carers & Welfare
    First: Spring 2016
    Grandparent carers; It’s All About Me; Elder Abuse
  • First: Winter 2016
    LGBTI carers; Relinquishment; NDIS latest; Coping with Stress
  • First: Autumn 2016
    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander carers; interview with Ben Young, CEO of Shake it up Australia; Sleep Deprivation



  • First: Summer 2014
    Carers Week 2014, Caring 24/7 is taking its toll, NDIS – It’s Full Scheme Ahead, Young Carers, Christmas Favourites…
  • First: Spring 2014
    Carers Queensland turns 25, age care reforms, primary language disorder, respite care…
  • First: Winter 2014
    Men and caring, celebration 25 years, our RAP, explaining your caring role to an employer…
    Erratum: In our story of Men and Caring (page 4) we said “Male carers represent 10.5% of the Australian carer population” It should read “Male carers represent 10.5% of the Australian population”
  • First: Autumn 2014
    Your Life Your Choice: insights from our carers, securing & affording housing, self-care…


  • First: Summer 2013
    Carers Week 2013, Quality of Life Audit of carers, the NILS program, and Carers and Carers…
  • First: Spring 2013
    The mental health of carers, getting online, upcoming Carers Week events and advocacy…
  • First: Winter 2013
    Dementia, young carers, NDIS and the Queensland Plan…
  • First: Autumn 2013
    Valuing single parent carers, good reads, summer camps antics and a battler from the land…