National Carer Counselling Program

It can be difficult to ask for help. Counselling is about talking with someone who can assist you in making a difference to your caring role and your life. It’s about looking after you, reducing stress and improving your own health and wellbeing.

Carers Queensland’s National Carer Counselling Program provides counselling and related emotional support services for carers. Counselling is provided by qualified, professional counsellors. Assistance may be provided on a one-off basis or over several counselling sessions.

The types of counselling available to you include:

  • telephone
  • face-to-face counselling
  • group counselling

These services are also available to young carers.

To make an appointment or to access the telephone counselling service call the Carers Advisory Service on 1800 242 636 between 9am and 5pm weekdays. (Free call from local phones, mobile calls at mobile rates).

View the National Carer Counselling Program brochure.

The National Carer Counselling Program is an Australian Government Initiative.

How can counselling help me in my caring role?

There are a number of ways counselling may be able to help you including:

  • Assist with stress management
  • Provide you with coping skills and strategies (for example, in coping with a major deterioration in the well-being of the person requiring care)
  • Help you with transition issues relating to the person being supported moving to a residential care facility, assisted accommodation or to another primary carer in the community
  • Give you practical problem-solving techniques
  • Help you deal with bereavement and loss issues when you face the death of the person you supported